About Geoffrey Setiawan
Dealing with relationships when things are rosy sounds simple.

But dealing with a relationship that is breaking down, when times are difficult, when love has been replaced by years and years of pent-up anger, baggage and bitterness — that’s tricky.

I understand this feeling. I really do.

I've been surrounded by toxic relationships pretty much all of my early life. 

Growing up, my parents did not have a good marriage. They slept in separate bedrooms most nights. They argued constantly and spent insane amounts of energy trying to destroy each pretty much daily. In my 18 years of living with them, I never saw them hug, or say "I love you" once. They went out of town to escape each other once every few months.

Basically, every semblance you’d expect to see in a healthy and romantic relationship… well, they had the opposite of that. 

And it wasn't just my parents. Pretty much everyone in our traditional Asian social circle struggled in their relationships.

Due to the lack of role models in my life, I spent the first 20 years of my life perpetuating the same problems in my own relationships. Each of my own relationships were ridden with the very same issues as my parents.

I've witnessed and experienced the pain and suffering you feel when your relationship is falling apart first-hand.

I know those feelings of lingering doom and gloom from the fact that one large area of your life is failing.

I know the constant feeling of intense frustration from constant misunderstandings, and passive-aggressiveness to the pent-up baggage and petty disagreements that weighs a relationship down. Those are the kinds of frustrations that make you want to pull your own hair out, or punch someone in the face!

I know those feelings when the love and intimacy has long gone, and you are dispassionately just going through the motions just get by and make your partner "happy."

I know that helpless feeling you get when you are awake late into the night, after an argument or an "episode" with your partner, thinking about what needs to be done to turn things around.

But it's all too much! There’s too much pent-up baggage and too many misunderstandings. Plus, there are so many issues that they all seem interconnected and convoluted.

You want to fix it, but you don't even know where to start. Usually, the only thing you can say or do is to let out a big sigh, say "I don't even know anymore,” and save the problem-solving for another day.

Only that day never comes -- so the problems just keep piling on, killing your love, connection, passion and intimacy day by day.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, I get it. I want to tell you that no matter how convoluted and complex your problems may seem to you RIGHT NOW, they are fixable.

I want you to know that there is hope.

I am Geoffrey and have dedicated my life's work to guiding people from the worst possible situations to quickly understand and regain control of their lives, then equip them with the knowledge to design the most fulfilling, passionate and effortless relationships they can imagine.

If you want to learn more about how you can begin regaining control of your life and turning your relationship around, check out my free masterclass below:
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