[VIDEO] Avoiding Arguments in Your Relationship
Written by Geoffrey Setiawan on August 31, 2019
Arguing and bickering has always been the #1 killer of relationships -- it breeds bitterness, stops you from communicating properly with each other, and destroys all the “loving” feelings in your relationship.

So after working with hundreds of couples, I’ve distilled down the top 5 of my best, most actionable, and most practical tips that you can implement into your life immediately to STOP arguing and bickering once and for all. These are the same tips I give my students, and when they learn these stuff, they can go from arguing INTENSELY 2-3 times per week, to ZERO arguments.

This video will share with you those 5 tips. Here’s what you’ll learn from this video:

- Why making assumptions are the root of all arguments, fights and bickering & how you can stop it.

- How you can use the power of non-verbal communication to avoid arguments.

- Understanding the MOST effective way to ask questions that does not make each other defensive.

- Understanding what resistance looks like, why it is CRUCIAL that you learn to push through them, and a step-by-step way of how you can do just that.

- A 5 PART SCRIPT you can use to resolve conflicts that will make your partner more open and receptive to what YOU have to say.

If you are ready to STOP the cycle of arguments and bickering once and for all, click this link to learn the 5 best tips that has helped hundreds of couples. 

P.S.S -- If you’re ready to start doing the work to revive your relationship/marriage, check out my 8-week Relationship Revival™ program.

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Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed about learning the science and mechanics of love and romance. Not only have I used those learnings to design my own dream relationship, but I have coached hundreds of people to do the same, and design that fulfilling, effortless and intimate relationship they were meant to have.
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